George Platt Brett Sr. to Jane Addams, October 7, 1910



October 7/1910

Dear Miss Addams,

I happened to see Mr. Phillips, the editor and publisher of the American Magazine, the other day, and we were talking over the possibility of the little book which Mr. Marsh suggested to you when you were last in this city, and to which I referred in my letter on June 24th. Mr. Phillips, you may be interested to hear, told me that if you decided to write such a book that he would probably be very glad indeed if you would permit him to publish it serially in The American Magazine before its publication in book form.

I hope it is not too early to refer to the matter again, especially as I am told that the proofs of your book have now practically all been [passed] for press.

There is much interest you will be glad I am sure to hear, in the publication of the "Hull House" book, and we shall look to come very close to exhausting the first edition when it appears.

I am,

Yours very truly,

George P. Brett [signed]

Miss Jane Addams.