Jane Addams to Aletta Henriëtte Jacobs, October 3, 1923


October 3, 1923

My dear Dr. Jacobs:

I found your kind letter of July 26 awaiting me here upon my return a few days ago. The news you heard was quite correct save that the tumor proved to be a benign one. I was in the hospital in [Tokyo] for a month and afterwards convalesced in the mountains for three weeks, although in the latter place a stitch abscess and other difficulties with the wound were almost like a prolongation of my hospital experience. Dr. Alice Hamilton was in California when she heard the news and came over to Japan which was a great relief to Mary Smith and also very nice for me.

We all left Japan together on the twenty-third of August and the earthquake, as you know, did not occur until September 1. so that We were very much distressed about our many friends for the Japanese people have been endlessly kind to us and I was very much attached to the skillful surgeon, Dr. Kubo. St. Luke's Hospital was absolutely destroyed and we are not yet quite sure that all of the nurses were saved.

The Peace movement in Japan is a very vigorous affair. It has been taken up by the Liberal Party and is very vigorously pushed. The city of [Tokyo] gave me a reception with a very charming present. [page 2]

The Prefecture of Kobe did the same thing on the ground of my identification with the W.I.L. They have a very good branch but the [Tokyo] office has also been destroyed and it is hard to tell what the final result of the earthquake will be on many of the movements.

I will be able to do very little speaking or other public work during the Fall. Please give my love to Mrs. Palthe and accept a great deal for yourself. I am so glad to know that your health is better.

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Dr. Aletta H. Jacobs
van Aerssenstraat 46
The Hague