Alice Kirk Van Pelt to Jane Addams, November 27, 1915



Sylvania Nov. 27-1915

Miss Jane Addams

Finding myself able -- for the first time in my life -- to devote my time to world welfare work, I write to ask if it would be possible to get an opportunity to work with the Peace Conference which Henry Ford is organizing? Until now I have only [endeavored] to [form] peace sentiment [page 2] by papers before our Toledo Clubs, but much desire active service in these days of stress.

I could command the endorsement of the Toledo Club women or the Sylvania Club women, as Mrs. W. J. Hadley, [E M Sinclair atty?] or Mrs. Prentice Rood, or Mr. G. W. Stevens Art Director would undoubtedly attest. Hoping you can direct me in this, I am


Alice Van Pelt [page 3]

P.S. The enclosed lines were read by the Rev. Allen Stockdale the Sunday that was devoted to Peace sermons

A. V. P.