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Addams made remarks during a visit to a Des Moines settlement about the role that women's clubs play in social work.
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Addams addresses the Second Congressional District of Illinois asks Chicago woman's clubs to establish a scholarship for children of widows.
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Addams argues that it is time for women to work in groups and advocate for causes that are important to them, like peace. Addams gave this address at the Second National Peace Congress in Chicago on April 27, 1909. This version was published in theā€¦

Thomas asks Johnson to collect as much money as possible for the Woman's Journal and sends copies of the letter to Jane Addams and Sophonisba Breckinridge.

The Texas Federation of Women's Clubs seeks Addams' advice in the development of a state-wide survey it is planning.

Jencks asks Addams for recommendations in the hiring of an executive secretary for the Women's Civic League in Baltimore.

Addams writes Smith about a meeting of the Woman's Club and Chicago Garment Workers' Strike.

Bacon praises Addams' book The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets and writes about the progressive activities in which the women of her town are engaged.

Addams accepts Perkins' invitation to speak to her club after Christmas.

Gannett writes Addams to praise her book and entice her to attend the National Women's Suffrage Association meeting in February.

Poppenheim tells Addams that the General Federation of Women's Clubs requests that committee chairs maintain their offices until October first, when new committees are set up.

Addams writes Ely about the difficulties of promoting Democracy and Social Ethics among reading circles in women's clubs.

Ely writes Addams expressing his hope that reading circles at women's clubs will adoptDemocracy and Social Ethics,and he seeks her advice on how to further promote the book.
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