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Newspaper report of the lynching of six black men in Lake City, Florida, accused of murdering Robert B. Smith, a prominent white man.

With Maud Booth, Addams addresses the Merchant's Club, appealing for aid in helping criminals and rescuing boys who may become criminals.

B. F. writes in praise of Addams' article "The Chicago Settlements and Social Unrest" in Charity and the Commons, discussing the role of the settlement in integrating immigrants into city life.

Jesse Ashley's article describing a strike in Massachusetts.

Henderson offers an analysis of Addams' statement about capital punishment in Illinois.

Laidlaw writes to Waldo about an brutal attack on a female social worker in New York City's Chinatown and demands an investigation.

The Woman Suffrage Party demands that the New York Police protect social workers in Chinatown.

An anonymous writer apologizes for his misunderstanding of the biases of theRecord-Heraldagainst the police. Addams received a copy of this letter.

Rockefeller thanks Addams for her support of the idea about which he wrote her and accepts her offer to send him a copy of her book, probablyA New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.
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Addams finds the causes for breakdowns in municipal administration in eighteenth century idealism that foundered against nineteenth century increases in population, industry and commerce. The speech was originally given on September 25, 1904 at the…
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