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With Maud Booth, Addams addresses the Merchant's Club, appealing for aid in helping criminals and rescuing boys who may become criminals.

Addams sends Breckinbridge material regarding an interesting movement related to the Juvenile Court.

Henderson offers an analysis of Addams' statement about capital punishment in Illinois.

Stuart tells Addams about a court case in which he defended George Weber.

Laidlaw writes Addams about the upcoming trial of the men who attacked Rose Livingston in Chinatown in New York and the lies being spread about her.
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Addams discusses the experiences of Chicago probation officers and the profession of civil service.

Speranza thanks Abbott and Jane Addams for their work on behalf of the American Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology in its investigation of the courts.

Welcome, a prisoner in the Illinois State Penitentiary, asks Addams for advice regarding getting parole and asks her to assure his mother that he doing fine.

Lindsey writes Lathrop about a controversial child labor law, explaining his disagreement with Jane Addams over the issue.