Jane Addams to William Kent, July 6, 1922


July 6th, 1922

My dear Mr. Kent:

I have been greatly interested in the data you sent me concerning the proposed law for the public use and just allotment of natural resources in California. Ever since a journey some years ago to the Scandinavian Peninsula where the water power controlled by the government is used to such great advantage not only to produce what the people need -- fertilizer for the farms etc. -- but also to develop a great enthusiasm for the government, I have felt a certain chagrin and disappointment at our failure in the United States to follow the same line of progress. I can think of no state better than California in which to bring ↑in↓ this much needed experiment and I think we are all to be congratulated that you have gone into the matter with such wisdom and energy.

With cordial greetings to Mrs. Kent and yourself, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

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