Jane Addams to William Kent, April 12, 1910

Hot Springs, Va. April 17" 1910

My dear Mr. Kent

The very generous check you sent us through Mr. Langbein was acknowledged to him through Hull-House and your letter followed me to Ocean Springs Miss. and from there, was forwarded here. I shall have to submit the above as an explanation of my delayed reply.

We are planning to take the two [page 2] thousand members of the Hull-House Boys Club on "hiking parties" out of town throughout the summer and we also arrange meets at the Mark White Square. There are many more resources in Chicago for summer work than there were fifteen years ago, and I am sure that the pioneers in the playground movement ought to have no compunctions nor regrets. We are very grateful for your help and I hope very much that you will find time to come to Hull-House the next time [page 3] you come to Chicago.

I have made rather a slow convalescence from my surgical operation in Jan'y but this beautiful spot seems to have completed my recovery. 

With cordial greetings to your mother and Mrs Kent. I am Faithfully yours

Jane Addams

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