Jane Addams to Comodore Edward Prevey, August 24, 1903


My dear Mr Prevey

I should be very glad to lecture for the Lincoln Club and certainly willing to do it without remuneration. It is however very hard for me to be away from home during the first week in Oct. almost the one week in the year when I am most needed here. I expected to speak in Omaha on Monday, in Fremont on Tuesday and to get on morning train back. If the Lincoln lecture could be arranged without the loss of another day, I could manage it. [page 2]

Don't you think that it might be [illegible] as well to hear a social lecture which would arouse interest and friends rather than a money getting lecture. I merely give this as a suggestion as you doubtless know your own conditions.  [illegible] Could you write me in regard to trains and the possibility of [an] intermediate arrangement? Very sincerely yours

Jane Addams

Aug 24" 1903

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