Jane Addams to Esther Margaret Linn Hulbert, July 16, 1901


My dear Esther

It was a great satisfaction to get your letter this morning and also to know that you had decided to take the Delmar flat which will certainly be cooler than an east and west one. As I do not remember the number of it -- please write it in your next letter. I am sending you a box c/o of Mrs Swope at Olive St.

It contains a rug which [page 2] is Mary Smith's wedding present and I think ↑one↓ of the prettiest examples of "copper tint" which can easily be found.

The candle stick with four feet is from Dr Hackett. She found the pair in the 7th ward and gave one to Mary Hill -- the other to you, they will both land in St Louis and you can borrow from each other when you give parties!

The brass jar is to contain soft coal from which to feed [page 3] your omnivorous grate. The pictures are two of Miss Benedict's which I thought might lend a little color to the walls, the sheep one I have had ever since Cedarville days long ago and Sister Brockway contributes the [Burne-Jones] Aurora -- the little candle stick is just carelessly thrown in for the bed room [mantle].

I am so glad the appointment came so quickly. I found a letter from Mr Swope on Sunday morning telling me of it, and I hope all [page 4] goes on easily.

It is glouriously hot here today but I am sure that St Louis is no worse and the mere fiction of a "South wind" must be a comfort.

Please give my best love to Charlie and write to me, both of you, as often as you can --

Always your loving aunt

Jane Addams


I am going to add a copy of Watts Tennyson, it is really fine and I hope you will like it and South Station Temple -- They will at least look scholarly in the house and may give you pleasure.