Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman, April 5, 1915


My dear Marcet

Mary Smith and I had a very nice day at Cedarville yesterday and I left with a lighter heart than I did last week in spite of the fact that the journey to The Hague begins so soon.

Mrs Corbett goes out next Sunday and I hope by the time Mary Fry arrives that you will be able to get into the house.

I find that my heart sinks at the prospect of leaving you at this moment of grief and sorrow. Esther spent the check for the children's spring outfit, they are [page 2] coming to lunch on Saturday in all their finery -- it is a year ago that you bought [Easter rabbits] at the house to her before & said "[Excuse me?]." Let us let the matter of the monthly check stand until I return & we can talk it over.

I am so glad the bank affairs are going well, I will write you at the end of the week -- this getting ready to be off leaves scarcely a moment for [illegible] [to bed?]. Always, Dear, your loving aunt

Jane Addams

April 5" 1915

Mrs Markoe is one of the most attractive women at Bar Harbor. She [traveled] to Portland with your mother last summer.