Richard Theodore Ely to Jane Addams, June 24, 1905


June 24, 1905


Dear Miss Addams:

Do you suppose that Miss Helen Culver would be interested in the proposed publication of Original Documents on Labor and Industry in the United States described in the enclosed? Apart from any [pecuniary?] ↑practical↓ benefit resulting therefrom, it certainly should prove a valuable contribution to American History. I have now reached a point where, if I can receive $3500 more, I can add another $3500 to it. Perhaps that may be an inducement to Miss Culver or to Mr. Victor F. Lawson. I should think that the recent experiences would convince intelligent business men that it is worth while to contribute something to an undertaking like ours, in the hope that scholarly and impartial research may help at least a little bit toward improvement.

Doubtless you know that Mrs. Kelley has finished her book and sent in her manuscript. I think the work will appear some time this fall and I believe that it will be a very useful contribution to our sociological literature.

Faithfully yours,

Miss Jane Addams.

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