Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, March 13, 1915

Hotel Belmont

New York

March 13th, 1915.

Miss Emily Balch,
Wellesley College,

My dear Miss Balch:

The Executive Council of the Woman's Peace Party has been holding a session in New York today, and its most important business has been to consider the personnel of a delegation to the Woman's Congress to be held at The Hague, April 28, 29 and 30, as outlined in the following cablegram lately received by Miss Addams from Amsterdam:

"Meeting held February 12th with women of neutral and belligerent countries decided that Dutch women shall arrange International Women's Congress in April, The Hague. We cordially invite you and your whole Peace Party to join Congress. [Program] with resolutions follow. Cable us which date and how many of you could come."

Although the Woman's Peace Party is not pecuniarily able to defray the expenses of any delegates, it seems important that a strong delegation should be sent from the Party, and it is also hoped that a number of sympathetic visitors will accompany the delegates.

It seems probable that it would be necessary to take a steamer leaving New York not later than the 13th of April.

At the present moment it seems likely that the following members of the Executive Council may be able to go: Mrs. White, Mrs. Post, and Miss Addams, and it is hoped that other members of the Executive Council and the [Cooperating] Council will also be of the party. 

Would it be possible for you to go as one of the delegates? [page 2]

The Executive Council is sending this invitation to the following members of the Woman's Peace Party:

Mrs. Fannie Fern Andrews, Mass.
Miss Emily Balch, [Mass.]
Mrs. Norman [de R.] Whitehouse, New York.
Miss Mary E. Dreier, [New York.]
Miss Lillian Wald, [New York.]
Mrs. Vladimir G. Simkhovitch, [New York.]
Mrs. Joseph Fels, Philadelphia.
Mrs. R. M. La Follette, Washington.
Mrs. George Rublee, [Washington.]
Mrs. Wm. Kent, California.
Mrs. Morrison Fuller, St. Louis.
Miss Grace Abbott, Chicago.
Mrs. Bertram Sippy, [Chicago.]

We feel that American women, having more freedom than those of most other countries should especially respond to such a call, issued by European women, at this very critical moment in world affairs.

Kindly send your reply to this letter as promptly as possible to Miss Jane Addams, Headquarters Woman's Peace Party, 116 So. Michigan Ave., Chicago.

Very sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]
for the Ex. Council