Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman, March 1915



My dear Marcet

Your mother suffered a good deal from the examination yesterday, but seemed so much better today that I am quite cheered. The doctors insist that there is no new growth, but a great deal of inflammation which they hope to allay by [page 2] a vigorous treatment in the hospital. In spite of the douches she has had steadily since she was in Chicago last, the inflammation has increased and they insist that she must stay in the hospital until it is cured. I will write you from time to time as the situation develops. Both your mother and the nurse were very blue when I met them at the train, they had evidently had a very hard fortnight. They were much much more reconciled to life today.

I am getting off this hurried note after a late speech. Mary Smith sends her love to you.

Your loving aunt

J. A.

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