Samuel Gompers to Jane Addams, February 14, 1903


February 14

Miss Jane [Addams],
Hull House, Chicago, Ill.

Dear Madam:

At the New Orleans Convention of the American Federation of Labor, statements were made that teachers in the public schools [assume] an attitude toward the children of working people, particularly children of leaders in the labor movement, which would tend to humiliate [the] children, because of the advocacy by their parents of the labor cause. It was also stated that professors and teachers in colleges and universities and the public schools, particularly those supported by [public] funds, teach erroneously upon economics, particularly [inimical] to the best interests of the working people. It was also [alleged that certain] books published in our educational institutions contain [in them matters] averse to labor and the labor movement. In view of these statements the undersigned has been authorized to collect information [in regard to] these matters and report the result thereof to the next convention [of] the A.F. of L.

Knowing that you are familiar with the [educational system both] in your loyalty and elsewhere, I address myself to you, [as I have to a] number of others, asking you to kindly furnish me with [whatever information] you may have upon the subject, which I beg to assure [you will be] treated as you wish and will be greatly appreciated by the [hosts of] labor, as well as by,

Very truly yours,


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