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Contant invites Addams to be become a charter member of the newly formed Association for the Prevention of Military Education.

Matthews is participating in an inter-high school debate and requests information on opposition to the enlargement of the United States navy.

Karsten replies to Hounsell request for information about the introduction of military drill into high schools.

Karsten responds to Taylor and makes suggestions to his argument for a statewide debate in North Carolina.

Glasgow sends Addams a question and list of subjects for Addams to give her opinion on.

Taylor expresses thanks to Addams for her letter, and asks for any additional advice regarding an upcoming debate on a proposed increase in naval power.

The Children's World Peace Movement aims to educate children on peace by working with boards of education and superintendents on implementing peace lessons and concepts.

Scott's Committee on Observation on Limited Segregation reports to the Chicago Board of Education that educating boys and girls in the same manner does not appear to be the best policy, and requests time for continued study.

Addams argues that women's colleges should train women for public service.

Addams advocates for the education of young children alongside Young in the form of vocational training.

Bourland could not find a spot for Thomas to speak but believes that she could speak in Chattanooga.

Addams' secretary will send Horelick pamphlets and any further information he needs to answer questions about international peace.

In a reply for Addams, Daggett informs Karsten sends Dement literature on peace that she requested.

Clippings from the Advocate of Peace highlight activity in Japan, and Los Angeles.

Coman tells Addams about her work at a school in Spain and asks if she can raise $100 for a series of lectures there.

Kellogg informs Kellor that Jane Addams has accepted three reports on Progressive Party legislative work, pending his approval, which he provides.

Taussig discusses the problems of a medical student who had asked Addams and others for assistance.

Breckinridge sends a letter to Addams regarding a young man seeking help to finish his education.

Kellogg updates Addams on the finances of an educational fund and the continuing subscriber and fundraising efforts of The Survey.

Haley informs Addams that Hobbs will be the representative for the National League of Teachers' Associations at the Washington peace meeting.

Addams discusses Ransom, who studied families of "feeble-minded" children in Chicago.

Kellor informs the committee that she placed an employee on paid leave until a meeting can determine his ultimate fate.

Kellor sends Addams a copy of a letter she has sent to Progressive Party's Education Committee.

Hibben provides a detailed explanation for his resignation from the Progressive National Service, citing the dysfunction and inadequacies of the Chief of Service, Frances Kellor.

Ware asks Addams for advice for a fundraising visit to Chicago to benefit Atlanta University.

Breasted thanks Addams for her article in the Atlantic and discusses his research of oriental languages.

Coman tells Addams of her plans to summer in Scandanavia and discusses the evening classes at Hull-House.

Rochon would like Addams to help her with the admittance process into the Chicago University so she can pursue an education.

Starbuck asks Addams for permission to include her work in a new series of books that the american Unitarian Association is compiling to further religious education.
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