The Song of the Child-Slaves, ca. October 1912


Jane Addams Hymn.

The Song of the Child-slaves.

(To the tune of "Old Black Joe.")

See the child-slaves, such a tired toiling band
Prisoned in fact 'ries in our fair freedom's land
Toiling in mines, underground and dark as night:
With weary little eyes that never see daylight:
Oh, the children, little children:
With weary forms bent low:
Toiling in the mine and factory
For -- Pluto.

See the child slaves, in their ceaseless toil and strife
Wearing away their sweet innocent young life:
See the child forms so weary bending low:
For their freedom forth to battle will you go?
"I'm goin', to work, Sir, goin'":
White child slaves murmur low:
They hear the Slave-prince, Pluto, calling:
Starved, they go.

Oh, see them go, before dawn at night they go:
Oh, can't you hear the sharp whiplash of Pluto?
Oh, heed their call, child-voices sobbing low:
In their cry the Christ-child calleth: Heed its woe.
They are going, yes, they're going:
See, tired eyelids fall:
Thousands gladly drop their shackles
At death's call.

Oh, will none hear? oh, will no one heed their call?
Will none strike their shackles from them ere they fall?
Oh, see them toil, who have never learned to play:
Toiling in dark mines and fact 'ries night and day:
We are going, also going:
King Death we all must greet:
What shall we answer when we meet them --
At God's feet?
Olive Dorsey Gray.
("Daisy Deane")
Written at Hotel del Rey.
Playa del Rey, California.

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