Jane Addams to [Donors], May 18, 1908

↑1st Labor Museum J. B.
Arts & Crafts [J. B.]
2d [illegible] classes [J. B.]
3d. L. H. J. [illegible 3d article]

May 1908↓

The foregoing pages are a condensed summary of the condition of the Hull-House Labor Museum given in our last Year Book when the Museum was six years old. I am also enclosing a copy of the first report of the Museum proper which goes into the theory somewhat more thoroughly.

The present cost of maintaining the Labor Museum with its allied classes in dressmaking, millinery, cooking and other subjects is $2500 a year.  A permanent income of twice that amount, an endowment fund which would [ensure] us $5000 a year would develop it much more fully and triple the number of its classes, allowing it to remain in its present building.

Our first proposition is therefore in regard to an endowment of $100,000 for the Labor Museum.

We believe it to be an original experiment in the education of the immigrant which has indubitably proved its value.

The second proposition is in regard to an endowment and establishment of a Trade School for the daughters of these same immigrant women.

At Hull-House we constantly see immigrant girls who enter factory life so illy prepared for industry that they not only receive low wages but quickly become discouraged with American life. We have hoped to establish a Trade School for girls using the Labor Museum as a foundation. Hull-House is situated in the midst of a large factory district; within a few blocks of us one factory alone employs 12,000 young women. We believe that we have a unique and valuable opportunity for developing a Trade School here especially fitted for immigrant girls.

Mrs. Charles Henrotin and other leading women of the [page 2] city are much interested in these plans for a Trade School. We have estimated that $400,000 would build a school, equip it and pay the salaries of expert teachers. If this proposition is considered we should of course, want to submit a detailed plan and a statement of the very generous offers of [cooperation] which have been received from The University of Chicago. 

Respectfully submitted

President of Hull-House.

Chicago, May 18th, 1908.