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Addams offers praise of Charles Howard Mills for his Chautauqua lecture brochure.

Addams writes to Culver about Christmas plans, Hull-House finances, and Hull-House Boys' Club.

Addams thanks Coolidge for her donation to the Fresh Air Fund.

Addams requests a donation from Sprague to support Hull-House's summer children's camp.

Miller tells Addams about his position on the front in France and the Hull-House activities he hopes to take part in when he returns to the US.

Karsten thanks Cooke for the dinners provided by the Francis W. Parker School.

Addams discusses efforts made to reach the needy through settlement work.

Addams discusses the Hull-House Labor Museum and the effect of factories on craftsmanship.

Addams remarks on an altercation between Clement Pfuetzner and socialists meeting at Hull House.

Addams discussed the role of schools in preparing children for life in a speech at the Ethical Society.

Nestor thanks Leach for the accommodations provided to the Women's Trade Union League at the Bowen Country Club.

Pond writes to Bowen regarding a bequest from the Schwabacher family for a summer camp to be operated in conjunction with the University of Chicago Settlement.

Addams sends Lewis a gift made at the Hull-House Trade School.

Addams thanks Monroe for a book and sends a letter from Stephen Wise.

Addams asks Blaine to donate funds to support the Hull-House Association's summer camp for urban mothers and their children.

Addams asks Abbott to hand to printing of a pamphlet and discusses a workshop at Hull-House.

Bowen writes for Addams, seeking donations to Hull-House, which has expended large amounts to help the needy.

Addams thanks Culver for her donation to Hull House and updates her on the trade school.

Addams asks Blaine for her annual donation to Hull-House to help them clear a deficit which came from their Unemployment fund.
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Addams explains how communities needs to provide more for the youths that live there, and how there really is not a girl problem, but a problem with how all youths are handled.

Nourse tells Addams that the Hull House Players decided to donate all their money to Hull House after disbanding.

Hale discusses the disbandment of the Hull House Players.

Addams speaks for the value of immigrants to American society. This article was drawn from a speech.
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Addams offers a biographical justification of why she has entered politics and joined the Progressive Party. The article was published in October 1912.

Addams has compiled a list of Hull-House activities for the Chicago Association of Commerce.
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Addams offers a memorial to Joseph Tilton Bowen and describes the creation of the Hull-House country club named after him.
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Addams' speech at the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit, on the Hull-House Labor Museum's exhibit. It was published in 1912.

Shriver offers Addams land for sale for the development of a boys camp.
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Addams' speech at the Chicago Child Welfare Exhibit, on the Hull-House Labor Museum's exhibit.
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