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Addams invites Blaine and her daughter-in-law to a concert and dinner at Hull-House.

Nestor listed the names of Trade Union League members and the number of meals they had at the Bowen Country Club.

Nestor thanks Robninson for hosting her club at the Bowen Country Club.

Addams invites Dodd and her husband to attend the Hull House Christmas concert and dinner.

Addams expresses her gratitude for Ewing and explains why she must reschedule a play for children.

Karsten invites Harper to a talk at Hull-House and discusses plans for a meeting.

Addams tells Harper that she and Rachelle Yarros will approach certain names about the League to Aid and Support Russia. She notes that there will be a Russian speaker at Hull-House and hopes to hold a meeting then.

Addams discusses Raymond Robins' assignment in Russia and Hull-House affairs.

Karsten discusses Colvin's idea that Alice Norton give talks at both Hull-House and Lake Forest.

Addams tells Wise about the Woman's Peace Party Annual Convention and his suggestion that Wilfred Wilson Gibson visit Hull-House.
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Addams avows that there is no "blacklist" for speakers at Hull House, denying a rumor that radical thinkers were not welcome.

Addams asks if she can still contribute a tribute to Graham Taylor despite missing the deadline.

Addams announces that a memorial service was held at Hull-House in honor of Gordon Dewey.

Addams seeks a lecture on the Poetry of Labor or the Poetry of Revolt for Hull-House.

Addams recounts a story depicted in a children's play at Hull-House, which she offers as an allegory about the importance of women in society.

Ely suggests to Addams that Professor K├╝hnemann lecture on Tolstoy at Hull-House.

Addams thanks North for her donation and assistance during Thanksgiving at Hull-House.

Addams invites McIlvain to the "Old Settlers' Party" at the Hull-House on New Years day and asks for names of older residents that ould speak about its history.

Addams invites Blaine to see hear a Christmas concert at Hull-House.

Jones cannot attend a meeting with Mrs. Lawrence at Hull-House.

Addams thanks Tarbell for her involvement with the Fuller singers performance at Hull-House and asks if she has heard anything from the Outlook.

Addams accepts Ely's suggestion to have Professor K├╝hnemann give a lecture onTolstoy at Hull-House.

Addams thanks Lindin for her monthly donation and offers some news from Hull-House.
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In the second article of a series, Addams reports on some of the activities accomplished at Hull-House from 1889-1894.

Addams reports on the Hull-House Labor Museum's condition after six years of operation and encloses the First Report on the Museum.

Addams invites Wald to visit Hull-House with Irene Lewisohn and discusses Mary Rozet Smith's health.

Breckinridge accepts Addams' invitation to a dinner at Hull-House.

Addams invites Breckinridge to attend a dinner at Hull House for special guests.
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Addams discusses the two methods by which Hull-House seeks to expose immigrant communities to greater society: by securing people who form friendships in the community and by providing self-expression to the immigrants.

Addams invites Perkins to Hull-House to hear Raymond Unwin speak.
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