Charles Richmond Henderson to Jane Addams, July 22, 1912


The University of Chicago

July 22, ′12

Dear Miss Addams:

I have read the statement you sent me, and with care.

The first point has not impressed legal people and others as having much force, although numbers have some significance. The second point has weight, and the third.

On page 2 you say "the leading criminologists etc"; I should say [resist] "the;" because many are not against capital punishment.

The other [experiment?] seems to me sound.

It seems to me also, that in replying to the charge that in [one] ["lawless"] we might well cite the clause in the Constitution of Illinois which expressly provides that the Governor may reprieve, commute or pardon; and the statement which gives the [page 2] jury power, in case of murder, to fix a death sentence, a life sentence, or any term of years. The clauses, if quoted, should be exactly given from the most recent text.

I did not know before reading Dr. Hirsch's article that the judge in the case joined in request for reprieve.

Very respectfully,

C. R. Henderson [signed]

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