George Platt Brett Sr. to Jane Addams, August 2, 1911



August 2, 1911.

Dear Miss Addams: --

Your letter of July 31st comes to me in Mr. Marsh's absence, and I am much obliged to you for the suggestion which you kindly make in regard to the publication of your book on certain aspects of The Social Evil.

We shall be glad to publish the book for you, a book on the subject being most needed at this time, and anything that you may have to say on the matter seems sure of a wide reading and is, in my opinion, likely to work great good.

I am accordingly enclosing you the usual agreement for the book's publication and shall be glad, if it seems to you satisfactory, if you will kindly sign it and return it to me, when I will forward you a duplicate.

We shall be glad to put the book to press as soon as you can send us any copy for it, and if this can be in our hands, as promised in your letter, by or about the 1st of October, we ought to be able to get the book out during that month.

I could not, of course, form any opinion as to the advisability of publishing this material serially without first reading it and, if you will kindly send me the chapters, as you suggest, I shall be very glad to read them at once and let you know what I think. Speaking [page 2] generally, however, I may say that it seems to me usually inadvisable to take up a subject of this character in the popular magazines.

I am,

Very truly yours,

George P. Brett [signed]

Miss Jane Addams,
Hulls Cove,

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