Jane Addams to Edward Clark Marsh July 31, 1911

Hull House

July 31, 1911.
Hulls Cove,

My dear Mr. Marsh: --

Mr. S. S. McClure came to see me at Hull-House last June and asked me to write something for him upon certain aspects of The Social Evil. I begun an article entitled "A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil." It has literally grown into a book of seven chapters, each one of which indicates the relief which is coming in various directions, such as "Legal Action," "Philanthropic Effort," "Public Hygiene," "Social Control," etc. As I begun it with the magazine article in mind I have tried to keep the [phraseology] and tone so that it might be read [without embarrassment by the general public.]

The thing has now grown to about thirty thousand words, only twenty-five hundred less than "The Spirit of Youth and the City Street." I could of course easily make it the [page 2] same size and possibly have the material ready by the first of October.

I promised to send Mr. McClure three or four chapters by the end of the week although I am firmly convinced that the material is not fitted for a serial in any magazine. The chapters taken separately are curiously ineffective.

Shall I send for your reading copies of the chapters I send Mr. McClure? None of them are of course finished but you could gather the quality and tone of the book.

Very sincerely yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

Edward C. Marsh, Esq.,
New York City. 

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