Richard Theodore Ely to Jane Addams, July 5, 1902


Madison, Wis., July 5, 1902.

Miss Jane Addams,
335 S. Halsted St.,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams;

I have received word from Mr. Alden, the editor of Harper's Monthly, that he should be very glad, indeed, to have Miss Benedict's paintings of [Amana?] sent to Harper & Bros., at their expense. He says they will be used carefully and returned.

I am writing to you, as I presume that Miss Benedict is no longer at Hull-House, and I understand that Miss ↑Starr↓, with whom I talked about the pictures, is out of the city most of the summer. I suggested to Miss Starr that an appropriate title should be pasted on the back of each painting, and I think that the artist's name should be on each one. What is wanted is something which can be used beneath the pictures in the article, describing them; as for example, "Girl Watering Flowers".

I am hoping to get off my article the latter part of next week, and it would be well for the pictures to arrive at about the same time. It would be well to address the box to Mr. H. M. Alden, Editor of Harper's Monthly, Franklin Square, New York, and accompany [page 2] it with a statement that they are sent by request for my article.

Mrs. Ely and I read with much interest yesterday a review of your book in this week's Independent. It shows more appreciation of the real significance of the book than most of the reviews, and strikes me as quite satisfactory.

Mrs. Ely, who continues to improve, joins me in regards.

Faithfully yours,