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Addams praises Hunt who recently became head of Community House in Rutland, VT.

De Kay asks that Addams allow his daughter to work at Hull-House.

Kellogg asks Addams for help getting stories for the Survey from people who have just returned from Russia.

Schwartz tells Addams about his work with citizenship classes in Chicago public schools and commends her for her neutral political stance.

Addams trusts the staffing of Hull-House to Kohn, but designates certain tasks for specific people.

Bowen responds to de Wolf's criticism of Hull-House with a defense of the motives of the residents and its action during labor strikes.

King informs Addams that Elise Richards is looking into settlement house work, and recommends that Addams accepts her to Hull-House.
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Addams, and members of Hull-House, celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding with the publishing of a book of songs.

Addams offers Dudley her room at Hull-House while she is on a trip to Egypt.
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Addams co-wrote the Hull-House entry in The New Encyclopedia of Social Reform, covering its history and accomplishments.

Addams answers Updike's request to assist a young man, agreeing to introduce him to some men at Hull-House.

Addams sends her best wishes to Haskins' mother and regrets that Haskins will not return to Hull House in the fall.

Addams thanks Lindin for her monthly donation and offers some news from Hull-House.

Rosenwald and Addams write Mack in support of the appointment of Julia Lathrop to head the United States Children's Bureau.
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Addams writes Lathrop about her living arrangements at Hull House.
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Addams pays her respects to the late Jennie Dow Harvey, whom she knew as the Hull-House kindergarten teacher, as well as having been a dear friend.

Addams regretfully informs Coman that there is no apartment availability for her at Hull-House apartment.

Bowen writes to Lathrop about vacations for Hull-House residents.

Addams sends her best wishes and a check to Abbott, who is leaving on a trip abroad.

Fuog praises Addams for Twenty Years at Hull-House and expresses gratitude for the impact Addams made on her life.

Yeomans thanks Addams for sending her new book, even though he feels unworthy.

Hunter thanks Addams for sending a copy of Twenty Years at Hull-House and for his cherished time as a resident at Hull-House.

Kent introduces Frances Goodrich, who wishes to be a resident at Hull House.

Addams writes Abbott about room allotments for Hull-House residents.

Bassett thanks Addams for being an inspiration to her life since the time she was a resident at Hull-House.
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Addams writes to Gyles hoping that she will change her mind about leaving Hull-House.

Felsenthal writes Addams to praise Hull-House and its residents.

Addams writes to Smith about new residents arriving at Hull-House.

Addams thanks Ewing on behalf of herself and the residents of Hull-House for flowers that arrived on Christmas.
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