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Ely suggests to Addams that Professor K├╝hnemann lecture on Tolstoy at Hull-House.

Ely discusses the possibility of publishing one of Addams' books and thanks her for visiting one of his aunts in Turkey, which is now the scene of fighting.

Ely thanks Addams for sending him a copy of her new book and questions her decision to campaign for woman suffrage.

Ely comments on Addams's manuscript for her new book, Newer Ideals of Peace

Ely writes Addams concerning her comments about Hull-House Maps and Papers in Twenty Years at Hull House.

Ely praises Addams for life, for her work, and for Twenty Years at Hull House.

Ely expresses enthusiasm for Addams' proposal to start a local chapter of the American Association for Labor Legislation and suggests people who can help.

Ely tells Addams that he cannot attend the meeting of the American Association of Labor Legislation, but that he believes it has great potential.

Ely writes Addams about the prospect of moving the headquarters of the American Economic Association to the West because of the concentration of national organizations headquartered in the East.

Ely writes Addams to praise her book, Democracy and Social Ethics, and to let her know that he is leaving for a semester.

Ely recommends Irene Osgood for the position of Factory Inspector in Illinois.

Ely provides details about Addams' summer course schedule.

Ely asks Addams to provide a description of her course on Newer Ideals of Peace for Wisconsin's summer program.

Ely sends Addams additional information about the summer session at the University of Wisconsin.

Ely invites Addams to lecture during the summer session at the University of Wisconsin, suggesting it would give her an opportunity to edit the talks for use in Newer Ideals of Peace.

Ely notes that Macmillan plans to announce Newer Ideals of Peace for the fall and hopes that it will be ready.

Ely asks Addams for help in securing support from Helen Culver for his investigation.

Ely reassures Addams that there is no worry over the newspaper article and asks her about donors to a fund.

Ely sends Addams an introduction to Ernest Knaufft, who is interested in her work.

Ely offers to come to Chicago to review and discuss Addams's manuscript.

Ely inquires if Addams will consider publishing her next book with him at Citizen's Library.

Ely writes Addams expressing his hope that reading circles at women's clubs will adopt Democracy and Social Ethics, and he seeks her advice on how to further promote the book.

Ely follows up with Hamilton in regards to what Addams needs to receive her honorary doctorate from the University of Wisconsin.

Ely writes to Alice Hamilton to inform Addams of what she needs to wear at her honorary degree ceremony.

Ely agrees with Brett and Addams on a new publication date of Newer Ideals of Peace and hopes the message is recieved well.