James Stanley Durkee to Jane Addams, March 31, 1924



March Thirty-One
Miss Jane Addams,
c/o Miss Lillian Wald,
265 Henry Street,
New York City.

My dear Miss Addams:

Mrs. Terrell of this city has spoken with me regarding your request that Howard University invite the Women's International League to be the guests of the University on Sunday evening, May the 4th, and that we furnish music suitable for the occasion, especially some of the spirituals of the race.

I am glad indeed to extend, in the name of the University, such an invitation to you. I will endeavor to have some of the finest singing that the International League has ever heard and as hearty and happy an evening as it is possible for us to enjoy. I myself will not be able to be present, but I will see that every arrangement is made and every welcome offered to the guests who may wish to come.

Our chapel will readily hold seven hundred, so that there will be room enough to have a delightful evening. I would be glad if you would write me what you think the nature of the program should be outside of the music. I should yield to any suggestion of yours.

Most sincerely yours,

J. Stanley Durkee. [signed]