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Ely suggests to Addams that Professor Kühnemann lecture on Tolstoy at Hull-House.
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Addams' lecture on March 11 at the National Child Labor Committee Conference in Birmingham, Alabama, in which shepresents arguments against an exception to the 1903 Illinois Child Labor Law for child actors and offers some Tolstoyan allegory to…
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In this narratively rich article in McClure's, Addams reflects on her meeting with Tolstoy in Russia in 1896, on her admiration for his principles, and on her pragmatic approach to good work in the urban, industrial context of Hull-House and its…
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Addams relates the story of meeting Tolstoy and his criticism of wealthy activists.

Addams accepts Ely's suggestion to have Professor Kühnemann give a lecture onTolstoy at Hull-House.

Warner writes to Addams about Tolstoy, Puritan witch hunts, and Addams' new book.
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Addams participated in a "Workingman's Public Meeting" during the Universal Peace Conference in Boston, where she talked about how workingmen were the first to organize internationally.

Addams sends Taylor a book about Tolstoy along with her holiday greetings.

Addams discusses how the peasant influenced the work of Tolstoy and his approach to labor.

Addams thanks Moody for his recent poem, "On the Soldier Fallen in the Philippines," published in the Atlantic and discusses her inadequate reaction to the war dead.
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