Nathan William MacChesney to Gino C. Speranza, December 1, 1910

1322-108 La Salle Street
Chicago, Ill.


Office of the President,

1st December, 1910.

Mr. Gino C. Speranza,
Counsel to Consul General of Italy,
New York City, N.Y.

My dear Sir:-

The second annual conference of the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology held in Washington in October authorized the creation of a new Special Committee for the investigation of the problems connected with Crime and Immigration. That resolution was as follows:

"That a committe be appointed to investigate and report at the next annual meeting upon the subject of the Alien and the Courts with special reference to such questions as:

(a) Treaty rights.
(b) Status under the various State Laws.
(c) Procedure, including interpreters, appeals, etc.
(d) Deportation for commission of crime.
(e) Criminal statistics as affected by legal disabilities, etc."

Though I have never had the pleasure of meeting you, I take pleasure in appointing you chairman of this Committe (G) on Crime and Immigration, and greatly desire that you should undertake this important new field of investigation for the institute during the coming year. Your appointment has already been approved by the Executive Board. [page 2]

The Committe is as follows:-

Committee (G) on Crime and Immigration:

Chairman - Gino C. Speranza, New York City, Member New York State Immigration Commission, 1900-1909.

Julian W. Mack, Chicago, Ill., Justice, Appellate Court.

Frances Kellor, New York City, N.Y., Sect'y N.Y. Immigration Commission.

William M. Thomas, Chicago, Ill., Professor University of Chicago.

John R. Commons, Madison, Wis., Prof. University of Wisconsin

Wm. S. Bennet, N.Y.C. M.C. From New York. Member Federal Immigration Commssion.

Bronson Winthrop, New York City, Member of Legislative Committie on Criminal Courts.

Jane [Addams], Chicago, Ill., Head Resident - Hull House.

John M. Coulter, Chicago Ill., Professor, University of Chicago.

Rudolph Matz, Chicago, Ill., Lawyer, President, Legal Aid Society.

I trust that you will get in touch with your Committee at any early date, and would request, if possible, that you let me know within the next thirty days what the plans of your Committee are for the coming year.

The library and general officces of the American Institute will continue at the Northwestern University Bldg., No.87 East Lake Street, the correspondence of the institute, however, will be carried on by the Secretary's Office - Harry E. Smoot, Esq., Secreatry, No. 59 Clark Street, Chicago, while matters intended for my attention should be addressed to me at my address as given above.

Again thank you for your work in connection [page 3] with the Institute, I remain,

Yours cordially,

(Signed) N.W. MacChesney,