Jane Addams to Anna Melissa Graves, February 12, 1924


February 12, 1924

My dear Miss Graves:

I have just been talking to Miss Baber over the telephone. She seems to have written to all of the South American people with whom she had any connection and is waiting for replies. We both hope, however, that you have also written to some of your friends there and that we may get as least a small representation from the "continent to the south of us."

Miss Baber thinks she would not have any special work at the present moment and alas there is no scrap of space at Hull-House at this time of year into which we could tuck away a transient. In the summer, of course, there is space and occasionally in mid-winter if someone goes away on a visit, but just now there is no such luck.

I hope very much I may see you in New York or Philadelphia when I come East the last of March. In the meantime, I am sure you know you have all my best wishes in the very interesting and original line of international acquaintance which you are following.

Always faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

↑P.S. I am very sorry that you are not doing work for the W.I.L. perhaps something will develop later↓

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