Mary Fry to Jane Addams, October 1923


Tuesday P.M.

My dear Miss Addams --

I simply can't express my happiness in hearing from you again -- and my delight to receive such a beautiful string of amber -- from Peking. I shall certainly enjoy the gift and cherish it greatly. A thousand thanks for remembering me so generously. I did so want to write you -- when you were ill in Japan -- but feared it wouldn't be cheerful with nothing but illness to write about -- for at that time Miss Hostetter was so ill after her operation and I did so want to go to her and yet could not leave here. Now Miss Hostetter is home and gaining slowly -- but poor Mrs. Fry is in a most pitiful condition -- but surely the end can't be far off and [page 2] her suffering over. Dr. Thompson says however that she is unconscious most of the time -- and the [moaning] is more reflex. After her eye sight and speech failed it was doubly hard.

We are all so thankful you recovered so speedily and were able to leave Japan before that dreadful earthquake. I do hope you are rested and entirely well now. It certainly is nice to think of you at Hull House again. How I wish you could come to Cedarville before we close the old house for the winter. Marcet was here only two weeks this summer -- maybe she can be back later [though] I imagine she is more than busy now at home. Mrs. Addams is with Mrs. Clark so much these days and I get to see her so seldom. She is well however and not alone very much these days. I know you are enjoying your new great great nephew. A beautiful [fellow?] -- Ever Mary Fry