John Sanborn Phillips to Jane Addams, July 10, 1909

 The American Magazine
Phillips Publishing Company

341 Fifth Avenue

New York
July 10th, 1909
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:

On coming back from my vacation, I learn that you are to write your reminiscences, and we are to have chapters of it for use in our magazine. I can't tell you how pleased I feel over this prospect. I know that you will make a wonderful and interesting record, one that will be helpful and inspiring. This material seems to me eminently suitable for our magazine, in harmony with it spirits and contents.

As I understand it, the arrangement is that we are to have such portion of the book as are suitable for the magazine; that you will, so far as possible cooperate with us in adapting the chapter for serial publication in any case when they may not be quite in form that for the articles which we get from the book, we are to pay you $300 a piece.

Miss Tarbell is away and I have not had a chance to talk over the matter with her but I have expressed above my understanding of the general arrangement, Please let me know if it accords with yours.

We are all very happy and proud over this -- Miss Tarbell, Mr. Baker, Mr. Dunne, and I, and I have sent the news on to William Allen White who is in Europe, and I am pleasantly anticipating word soon from Mr. Kent.

Faithfully yours,

John S. Phillips [signed]