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Phillips asks Addams to write a short piece about Louise DeKoven Bowen for The American Magazine.

Phillips expresses his regret for not seeing Addams when she was in New York.

Phillips discusses publishing Addams' manuscript in the American Magazine.

Phillips is delighted that Addams will publish excerpts from Twenty Years at Hull House in the American Magazine.

Phillips sends Addams a final payment for her articles in The American Magazine, passes along some positive reviews, and asks her to send any upcoming speeches for publication in the magazine.

Philips asks Addams to visit him the next time she is in New York because he wishes to discuss a particular matter with her in person.

Phillips praises Addams' writing and solicits more articles from her for The American Magazine in the coming year.

Phillips sends Tarbell a copy of Addams's speech to the Playground Aid Association and discusses publishing portions of it.