Marion Paterson to Jane Addams, September 11, 1923

6. Chelsea Court
Sept 11. 1923.

Dear Miss Addams.

When your letter reached us telling us you were leaving Japan Aug 23rd our hearts wept with joy, even if our eyes didn't & Mrs Barnett was so over-joyed that she ran around the room kissing every one of us.

It would have been too awful had you & yours should have been caught in the tragedy of the earthquake. As it is I fear Japan's memory may be a sad one to you.

We are so happy you are yourself again -- & we all pray you won't be ill anymore. You won't want a long letter from me -- but I could [page 2] just [take] your hand -- by written word -- & tell you how we have thought of & prayed for you.

And now I must tell you that there is just a possibility of [you] seeing my Adrian Boult (the companion of my Chelsea home). He is only paying a very [brief?] visit to Canada & The States -- but we & his friend, Mr Barrington-Ward, are sure to do their utmost to include Hull House -- & more still Jane Addams if she will see them.

They arrive in Chicago 9 pm. Thursday 11th October 1, [illegible] leave Saturday 13th [October] at 9.15 or 11.40 pm.

Adrian Boult has your address & one of my [visiting?] cards & I do hope he will have a Hull House impression of America. It made all the difference to our two visits to your country.

Keep well.

My love always

Yours Marion Paterson.