Jane Addams to Patrick Geddes, February 20, 1923

Darjeeling India
Feb'y 20" 1923

My dear Mr Geddes

I have been meaning to write to you ever since we left Bombay to explain more fully than I was able to do to your son, my very sincere regret that I was unable to actually visit the tenements in which you had so interested me. Mary Smith's illness the last three days made everything very difficult and while I asked both mornings to be shown those particular houses, I was always told that they were too far away from what the social service people were showing me at that moment. I once had a severe lesson [illegible] [page 2] mistake of criticizing what I had not seen for myself, the newspaper at once started a "come back" and I was put in a feeble position [although] my information was quite accurate. I am seeing more newspaper men in Calcutta and may be able to do something in a final interview.

My second apology is for not getting back to see your exhibit, it was again due to the fact that Mary Smith was not only ill but depressed and I did not feel at liberty to be away too continuously. She was better after we left Bombay but not quite herself until we reached Darjeeling where she has been in fine spirits. We had a beautiful morning for [the?] [page 3] mountain range.

We have been [traveling] with the Lewisohn's quite steadily since we left Bombay and have found it very delightful of course. We saw Miss McCloud for a few moment on our way here and have engagements with her on our return to Calcutta which we eagerly anticipate.

With cordial greetings to your son and yourself and anticipating seeing you in Chicago very soon, I am

faithfully yours

Jane Addams.