Helen Culver to Jane Addams, March 24, 1922

March 24th,

My dear Miss Addams: Your telegram came before I had finished breakfast yesterday, bringing a sense of your nearness that stayed with me throughout the day.

We looked Oakland up on the map and found that as the crow flies you are not far away; but as Florida roads and railways run, the distance is formidable.

It would have been a real happiness to me if you could have made my birthday the occasion of the long talked of visit to Innisfree. And if you and Mary Smith can come later, you know how welcome you will be.

Will you give her my love and tell her how sorry I am to hear that she is ill again.

I hope the stay in this climate will be of great benefit to her and you.

I had just sent you a letter to Hull House, acknowledging [page 2] the copy of “Peace and Bread” received from the publisher.

Meantime, we have finished it, and I want to tell you again how pleased and grateful I am that you felt moved to dedicate it to me.

Thank you for the birthday greeting, which makes one more expression of the long and friendly relationship that has existed between us.

With appreciation and affection,

Helen Culver.