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Culver thanks Addams for the presentation copy of her latest book and praises her brave effort on such a delicate and important topic.

Culver shares with Addams her enthusiasm and gratitute for the financial contribution Louise DeKoven Bowen made to Hull-House in honor of her husband.

Culvers thanks Addams for the inscribed copy of Twenty Years at Hull House and compliments its physical appearance.

Culver sends Addams a $50 donation to help Olga Averbuch and promises a $2,000 donation for Hull-House.

Culver tells Addams she will distribute the Charities and the Commons article so more people will read it.

Culver praises Addams' Charities and the Commons article and her recent speech.

Culver promised that if Bowen builds the Clubhouse for Boys at Hull-House, she will provide $50 per year for running expenses, up to a limit of $2,000.

Culver apologizes to Addams for the misinterpretation of a previous legal letter.
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