Lilian Silk Holt to Jane Addams, September 15, 1922


September 15th 1922


My dear Miss Addams.

The young man referred to in your note of Aug 25th did not come to see me and I did not send a letter to him as Miss Crawfords letter suggested, as Mr Ford had returned to Detroit by the time I got your letter otherwise I should have been glad to have done so. Have been meaning to write for months to [tell] you how much interested I was in your new [page 2] book which you were so good to send me. The review of the “Peace Ship” seemed to me to have been excellently done. I hope Mrs. Ford will read it. A group of women here who did excellent work toward disarmament last year are about to organize or reorganize the W.I.L. We had hoped to have Mrs Mead with us for a luncheon meeting on the 23rd but her plans seem to have been changed and she is returning to Boston next week She has been in [Louisville] [page 3] and expected to go to Cleveland then come here. We are greatly disappointed. If you are coming this way this fall would you speak at a meeting for us? There seems a great deal of good interest in Internationalism among the women in Detroit at least among some of them. We have been greatly occupied the past month in the advent of a grandson my daughter’s baby -- born Aug 21st. Dorothy [page 4] made a fine recovery but the dear little baby was very sick for a few days and we have been most anxious but he is gaining now so we are much encouraged. The other baby is adorable and a regular little beauty. The children were at Mackinac for three weeks so that Grandma Packard had a little chance to enjoy her.

Lovingly yours,

Lilian S. Holt.