Anna Garlin Spencer to Jane Addams, March 19, 1922

158 West 81st St.
New York City.

Dear Jane Addams

Your book has come. Thank you. I have not been able to read it through carefully but enough to realize it is the best revelation and interpretation of our troubled service to peace in time of war that has seen the light of day. It will be a classic for all future studies of the last Great War Unitedly defended by the good, [page 2] save for a "despised remnant." Hereafter there may be wars but the split between the good who defend and the good who oppose will show more equal numbers on either side. With all humility he may say he fell across the chasm to help make a road over which others may pass -- our children's children -- I wish so much I could come [page 3] see you before the meeting in April. If you are coming on to N.Y. let me know in [season?] please, to make an appointment -- I am submerged just now necessity for difficult decisions concerning my husband's care, selling of my house for necessary funds to meet extraordinary expenses. My lectures at Teacher's College Columbia University beginning in April and [page 4] a pledged book for Lippincott driving my hours -- but if I can see you for an hour it will be not only a balm and blessing but will enable me to speak of some things I hope may not be forgotten at the W.I.L.P.F meeting.

With love always

Anna Garlin Spencer

March 19th 1922.