Maude Slade Odell to Jane Addams, November 11, 1921


Nov. 11th.

My dear Miss Addams,

We had a very satisfactory Board meeting yesterday, Mrs. Lewis Mrs Hull and Miss Winsor coming down from Philadelphia and Mrs Brown, Mr. White & Mrs. Terrell present from Washington. The matter of the December conference was discussed, and it was decided to [page 2] hold this on December 5th -- an all day session at which Miss Balch would make her report, & the immediate work for the League be discussed. The Board left it with the chairman to decide the program but it was noted that because of the difficulty of securing rooms in Washington [hotels] this winter & because of the expenses of these and of luncheons, dinners, [etc.] here at the present time -- and also because of the short period allowed [page 3] us for the working up the conference, it would be best not to have this too elaborate. But we all agreed that we must have a larger, [rousing?] evening meeting in a hall, at which we want you and at least two other speakers. Have you can suggestions for these? We would like Beatrice Forbes Robertson Hale, and we are asking Zona Gale. It would be splendid if we could have women from foreign [page 4] countries. Do you know of any who are here or are coming, that might speak for us?

Everyone is enthusiastic over the office, because of its fine location & the prominence of the Women's International League lettering on the windows.

Hoping, dear Miss Addams, that you approve of our decision of yesterday and that you will write me of any suggestions you may have for the December conference.

Yours sincerely

Maude Odell