Jane Addams to Irene Osgood, March 9, 1908


March 9th, 1908.

My dear Miss Osgood:--

We have made out a list of names containing not only those Mr. Grant suggested but a great many more. I should be glad to see you when you come to Chicago, but wish very much that we might start the matter sooner. We could call together of course, all the Chicago members and I think we could get more members and a better start if we could have either Mr. Ely or Mr. Commons.

We should of course be very glad to arrange the incidental expenses which Mr. Commons would incur if he came down for a meeting some Sunday afternoon.

I am sure you know that this does not disregard your effort, but I want to avail myself of it and much more.

Sincerely yours,
Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Irene Osgood,
Madison, Wis.