Mary Rozet Smith to Esther Loeb Kohn, September 11, 1920


September 11.

My dear Mrs. Kohn

You were awfully good to send us the books and they came at a moment of great need. We were reduced to the "World's Food Supply" and the last few pages of a [school history] of "Western Europe".

"Parnassus on Wheels" is most amusing. The [illegible] I am saving jealously for the horrid moments of wakefulness which demand a really distracting thing and having it in hand gives me a feeling of great security. Thank you so much.

[September] is being all that the summer should have been and was not in Estes Park.

The days are of a rare beauty and the scene grows more enchanting with the changing color. [page 2] We shall really hate to leave next week.

It is so nice to think that you are coming back to Hull House. Perhaps you are already there but I fancy that the charms of [Ravinia] still hold you.

All the accounts of Rockford ↑Waukegan↓ are quite lyric -- Miss Lund seems to transcend all difficulties and to glory in complicated situations.

J. A. joins me in love to you and to Edwin.

Always gratefully and affectionately yours

Mary Rozet Smith

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