John B. Creighton to Jane Addams, January 22, 1920

261 Madison Avenue, New York

January 22, 1920.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams:

Mr. Carl L. Schurz, Secretary of the American Relief Committee for German Children, has handed me your telegram of January 21st to which he replied by wire [today]. Mr. Schurz suggests I write you a little more at length concerning the movement.

In the first place we are all much pleased to note your interest in this endeavor. We regret that the supply of our Christmas appeal was so limited that we could not send you as many copies as you requested.

We have no one at present in Illinois to act as an organizer and think that the formation of such a Committee as we have formed here could easily be arranged in your city. We shall be most happy to cooperate in every way with you. Should your Committee feel it necessary to have a representative sent I am sure we would be able to do so.

Our arrangement with the Hoover American Relief Committee puts our purchases on the same footing as those of the Government. The distribution to the German children is made in that Country by the Friends (Quakers) Service Committee.

You may be interested to know who proposed the Chicago gentlemen whose names were given in the telegram from Mr. Schurz. The list is as follows:


Proposed by:

Chas. G. Dawes

James Speyer

J. Ogden Armour

[James Speyer]

Geo. M. Reynolds

[James Speyer]

Herman Waldeck

[James Speyer]

Julius Rosenwald

Jacob H. Schiff

A. D. Lasker

[Jacob H. Schiff]

A. G. Becker

[Jacob H. Schiff]

Henry Rubens

Adolf Kuttroff

James B. Forgan

James Speyer

John J. Mitchell

[James Speyer]

Joy Morton

[James Speyer] [page 2]


Proposed by:

Edward S. Moore

James Speyer

J. G. Shedd

[James Speyer]

E. K. [Boisot]

[James Speyer]

Michael F. [Girten]

Henry Heide

Thomas D. Jones

A. Heckscher

Henry A. Wheeler

Ludwig Nissen & Co.

T. S. Grasselli

A. Heckscher

The letter heads enclosed give our Committee as it stands [today].

We collect only money and our appeal is for the under-fed children only.

Very truly yours,

John B. Creighton [signed]