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In a speech before the Chicago Women's Association. Addams complains that college women are disinclined toward philanthropy.

Addams holds that charitable work enables a better understanding of the poor, at a meeting of the Illinois Board of Charities and the Men's Club of the Fourth Presbyterian Church.

Addams and Edward Dunne speak on Chicago's capacity to fund recreation and park spaces.
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In this forward inThe Child in the City: A Handbook of the Child Welfare Exhibit at the Coliseum, Addams explains the impact of the Child Welfare Exhibit in New York and praises the generosity of Harriet McCormick for bringing the exhibit to Chicago.
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Addams' Presidential Address at the National Conference on Charities and Correction, held in St. Louis on May 19-26. Addams reviews the history of charity work and the challenges ahead. She gives examples from her experiences at Hull-House and…

Hill asks Addams to pass along a photograph of Friends Academy's students to Anita Blaine in the hopes of securing her support.

Addams sends Blaine a request from Catherine Miles Hall, who is seeking funding for her school in Indiana.

Breckinridge sends Feagin a copy of the Settlement Bibliography as a resource for researching Chicago philanthropic women.

Redington praises Addams' recent magazine articles, sends a donation, and tells her about his factory in which he employs women.

Breckinridge suggests Graham Taylor in place of Addams to serve on the Congress on Public Assistance in Antwerp.

Palmer asks Addams to help her discover the true circumstances of an impoverished family member living in Chicago.

Taylor thanks Addams for gathering subscriptions for Chicago Commons after the death of Mary Matz.

Addams asks for an update on the fundraising goal set by Mary Matz.

Addams asks McCormick for a donation to support Hull-House.

Salter reminds Addams that she promised to help him approach Anita Blaine for funding for his settlement.

Addams and Nicholes ask Blaine, along with other members of the Woman's City Club, to encourage their aldermen to attend the Child Welfare Exhibit in Chicago.

Addams writes Kellogg that she will meet with Chicago donors for funding of the Survey.

Addams writes Coman that Nettie McCormick will meet them but is unlikely to pledge funds for her school.

Hutchinson offers Bowen leads for securing donations for Hull-House and discusses future visits.

Rosenwald sends Addams $500 for her work.

Loeb sends Addams the monthly Hull-House donation of Richard Sears, of Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Lindsay encloses a list of names sent by Addams and Graham Taylor which should be used with the funding request from the National Child Labor Committee.

Addams and others write an appeal to be sent to prominent Chicagoans for the support of the National Child Labor Committee.

Severance writes a letter of introduction for Addams to visit Rep. John A. Tawney in Washington.

Blaine encloses a check for $500 for Hull-House and promises another later in the winter.

Writing on behalf of the National Child Labor Committee, Addams and others court financial support from public-spirited citizens in Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia.

Pond summarizes how a $15,000 donation from George E. F. Dodge to the Hull-House Association would be managed.

Culver promised that if Bowen builds the Clubhouse for Boys at Hull-House, she will provide $50 per year for running expenses, up to a limit of $2,000.

Ball enclosed the minutes of the City Homes Association's recent meeting.

Ely asks Addams for help in securing support from Helen Culver for his investigation.
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