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Feld discusses the formation of the University for Political Science in Germany.

Wood asks former colleagues to help E. von Gaisberg secure a charitable job.

Thomas asks Addams for an article about better understanding between the races for a publication that he wants to send to Germany.

Addams tells Lindsey she has sent his letter to about Grace Abbott and mentions talking about the courts when in Germany.

The Tribune reports on the potential closure of the Russian Pedagogium Falkenberg in Falkenberg and efforts to save it.

Dulles explores the implications of the World War I reparations on the world's economy. The speech was initially delivered at the League of Free Nations Association on March 12, 1931 in New York and then published in the New Republic.

Rahr sends Addams a critical letter (not found) regarding relief work for Austrian and German children, and asks her opinion.

Thomas tells Addams he would be happy to schedule a talk for her in March and discusses work in Germany.

Morel claims that France is stationing black soldiers in Germany to rape and terrorize German women.

Addams makes the case for European relief to save starving children.

Addams discussed the conditions in post-war Europe to the Missouri State Teachers Association at the Auditorium.

Salomon asks Addams for help and advice to keep her Berlin Social School open in devastating financial time.s.

Salomon asks Addams to help the Berlin Social School, which may have to close.
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Amy Woods writes to Jane Addams asking her advice on how the W.I.L.P.F. should gain finances for the December 7th Hague Conference of 1922

Addams discusses her plans to distribute food to German children.

Muprhy details the American peace tour of Annot Robinson, Gertrud Baer, and Thérèse Pottecher-Arnould.

Addams and Hamilton report on their visit to Germany to see conditions after World War I.

Hertzka tells Addams about the people that she has met and about the political troubles in Germany and Austria.

Schurgast tells Addams of the death Mina Cauer and hopes that Addams will come to Europe soon.

The Association's news bulletin discusses revolution in Mexico, war debts in Germany, the organization of a national student forum, and a treaty between Germany and Poland, resolutions for international peace from the convention of the National League of Women Voters, and limiting the manufacturing of opium.

Schurgast tells Addams her views on international politics and German women's efforts for peace.

Addams sends Wacker a correction about reported statements she made on Germany's need for aid.

The newspaper reports that Addams says Germany no longer needs relief help.