Comments on Pacifism and Patriotism, June 10, 1917



Address by Miss Jane Addams in Evanston Church Arouses Chief Justice Carter.

CHICAGO, June 11 -- Profound silence followed an address by Miss Jane Addams on “Pacifism and Patriotism in Time of War,” before the Current Events class of the First Congregational Church at Evanston Sunday. Finally Orrin N. Carter, chief justice of the state supreme court and a member of the class jumped to his feet.

“I have been a lifelong friend of Miss Addams,” Justice Carter said, “I have agreed with her on most questions in the past --."

Friendship Broken.

“That sounds as if you were going to break with me,” interrupted Miss Addams laughing nervously.

“I am going to break,” the justice retorted. “I think anything that may tend to cast doubt on the justice of our cause in the present war is unfortunate. No pacifist measures, in my opinion, should be taken until the war is over.”

Refers Critics to Committee.

“I am not sure such a paper as I have just read is altogether advisable in a time like the present,” Miss Addams said: “but if there is any question on that score it should be referred to the committee that invited me here to speak.”

“I am sure we are, all of us, very glad to have Miss Addams here to speak to us on this subject,” interjected [Catharine] Waugh McCulloch, chairman of the committee that had invited Miss Addams to speak, “and as chairman of the meeting, we want to thank her for coming.”

[Someone] moved to adjourn and several seconded the motion.