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Jordan tells Addams that the Ford peace work is failing and that a new more private effort might be needed.

Schwartz tells Addams that Hull-House will receive about $150 from the Charles F. Kimball estate. He also apologizes for Orring N. Carter's remarks during Addams' speech.

Carter criticizes Addams after she gives a speech renewing calls for pacifism.

Mead complains about a New York Times article that she believes misrepresents the Woman's Peace Party.

Jordan tells Addams he is not going to the People's Council meeting in Minneapolis because he does not agree with their tactics.

Mead discusses tactics for the peace movement with Addams in the light of recent diplomatic developments in World War I.

Post warns Addams that the Woman's Peace Party must be careful in their programs not to appear to be attacking the president.

Addams discusses the problems with the People's Council with Jordan.

The New York Times criticizes the efforts of Addams and the International Congress of Women.

The Wall Street Journal criticizes Addams for sentimental peace talk that works against the effectiveness of the blockade.

Christie accuses Addams of being overly emotional and disagrees with her statements about German-Americans and the entry of the United States in World War I.

Webb attacks Addams over her Patriotism and Pacifism address.

Hopkins tells Addams why she is wrong, and why Germany must be defeated at this time.

Hopkins urges Addams to cease speaking against World War One.

Atkinson criticizes Addams continued work for peace claiming that the time has come to support the war effort.

The Tribune reports on Orrin Carter disagreement with Addams during her speech In Evanston.

Addams tells Baldwin that Mr. Fisher did not support efforts for conscientious objectors.

Mathews advises Addams that he does not support agitation for peace that will weaken the country.

Kellogg describes the events at the National Conference of Charities and Corrections, particularly with regard to peace.

Henry tells Addams that he disagrees with her views on pacifism and sees her as unpatriotic and pro-German.

Vermilye criticizes Addams request for a referendum and explains that there are some times when war is necessary to protect the nation.

Denison expresses her opposition to Addams's request to demand a referendum from President Wilson because of the current political climate in the US and the need to build defense against Germany.

Post asks Eastman to clarify news that Carrie Chapman Catt was dropped as an officer of the Woman's Peace Party.

Forbes criticizes individual members acting as if their views represent those of the organization as a whole. She expresses opposition to the Woman's Peace Party urging a national referendum.

Spencer offers Addams her opinions of an emergency peace meeting which she felt was poorly run.

Upton tells Addams that she opposed the message that NAWSA Executive Committee sent to the government regarding the war.

Sherman tells Addams that he believes a referendum vote for peace would not do any good, even though he sees war as a last resort.

Addams tells Schwimmer that she will not intercede with Ford on Schwimmer's behalf.

Schwimmer tells Addams about her frustration dealing with Clara Ford and Alfred Kliefoth and argues for holding a International Congress of Women for Permanent Peace in 1916.

Addams updates Jordan on the latest news from the Neutral Conference and notes her disappointment that Henry Ford has not followed through his promises.
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