Laurence T. Cole to Jane Addams, October 16, 1918

139-147 West 91st Street, New York.

My Dear Miss Addams: --

Your telegram was misdirected, and has only just reached me.

I had heard a rumor, only confirmed yesterday, of Mr. Linn's death, and I assure you that the news caused me great personal grief, and, I know, was a source of sorrow to all of his associates here to whom he had endeared himself by his many lovable traits of character.

I have never had a more able and capable master working with me, and to the respect which his ability commanded, was added a deep affection and high [esteem] as I saw him deal bravely and tenderly with trials of unusual severity during the years he was with us here. I had looked forward with eagerness to the end of this frightful war when he should be able to return to us again, and only this morning a letter from him came to one of our masters expressing the hope that he might be [back] for another school year, but our plans and hopes have been frustrated.

He was a brave, high-minded, tender-hearted Christian gentleman, and my world is poorer and more chill for his departure. May God grant him rest and peace in Paradise.

Very Sincerely Yours,

(Signed) Laurence T. Cole.

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