Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, June 7, 1917

International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace
The Woman's Peace Party
Office: 116 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois


To the Delegates to the Congress After the War:

The enclosed program for the Congress After the War was submitted by Mrs. Mead at the meeting held in New York on June second. It was voted to send it to each of the thirty-five delegates, asking that it be returned with suggestions to Mrs. Mead.

You probably still have a copy of the English suggestions which were sent a few weeks ago, which you may also care to use as suggestive material.

Mrs. Mead has not taken up a good many of their points which seemed to her to come under national action and perhaps had no place in our program.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed by secretary]