Albert Shaw to Jane Addams, July 24, 1904


July 24, 1904.

Dear Miss Addams:

Pardon my not answering your note immediately. I had been hoping to receive definite information either from Professor Small or else from President James, who, as chairman of this municipal government conference, would probably be the proper man to shape up the programme.

I suppose that my paper will come first, and that it would be advisable for me to take up in a somewhat historical way the coming into existence of the modern city in all industrial countries, and the evolution of municipal government to meet modern requirements. My paper would have a more routine character and would present broadly, first, the development, physically, of the modern city; second, the development of forms and organs of administration; and third, the development of municipal functions. In short, my paper would be one upon municipal government, and, if I mistake not, yours is to be one upon the life of the people under municipal conditions. Later on I could, of course, give you are more detailed outline.

Sincerely yours,
[s] Albert Shaw
Albert Shaw
Miss Jane Addams
[Worce]ster, Mass.

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